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Perrier-Jout contribution to art
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Perrier-Jouët participated in Miam’s Design Week by displaying an art installation by Simon Heijdens, inspired by water and light. Phare No. 1-9 is Heijdens’ contemporary interpretation of Art Nouveau, consisting in a plain white space enriched by nine hand blown glass vases filled with water.  When sunlight hits them it creates tricks of light changing the  vases look and surface continuously. An apparently simple art work that brought the dutch artist back on the art scene after his big success in Europe with Tree, the bright tree with falling leaves. The new installation by Heijdens was inspired by the study of the relationship between man and nature, particularly water, to give everyday-things a new meaning.

Perrier-Jouët has participated in Miami’s Design week for the second time, confirming its bond with art which has been going on since the collaboration with Emile Gallé in 1902: "We are very proud to be part of Miami’s design Week with this installation. We have brought an actual contemporary contribution to the world of design” said Axelle de Buffévent, Perrier-Jouët’s Style Director.


Photo Courtesy Perrier-Jouët 

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