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PATH by Philippe Starck
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Ready-made houses are revolutionizing the estate market. One of the latest examples is PATH, designed Philippe Starck. A quality interior design project aimed at proving that prefabricated does not mean low-end, created in cooperation with Riko.

PATH is an actual collection whose name stands for Prefabricated Accessible Technological Homes. These high tech pre-built tourist home are available in 34 different custom blueprint-types to meet anyone’s needs.

Being so unique, this properties are not that inexpensive, with a price of 2500 euro/square meter. A cost that is totally worth the ‘pool villa feel’ of these cutting-edge houses, which are also eco-friendly thanks to the employment of wood, with big glass walls and aluminum ceilings to reduce the impact on the environment. They also feature solar panels and renewable energy heating and cooling systems.

100% ecological interior design houses that can be completely customized by choosing among many colors, materials, models, to create a unique dream house that does not even look prefabricated.

From now on, it takes just six months to get a brand new pool villa.


PHOTO: courtesy of Riko 

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