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Palazzo Cal: from palace to interior design hotel
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A new hotel hosted in the beautiful XVI century building of Palazzo Calò: it happens in Bari, in the heart of Italy's Puglia, where Esseelle Associati studio's architects renovated this ancient palace by combining history and modernity. Completed in 2012 after one year, the project was aimed at enhancing the existing ancient decoration with new design elements. Ancient cisterns, barns and original walls are now mixed with glass walls, optical white and steel which emphasize other original elements such as recesses, arches and wood attics.

The property hosts ten suites decorated with custom furniture, antique pieces and modern resins, in a perfect balanced design combination. The common areas present the same refined decoraton, with staircases made out of weathering steel and pressed metal sheet, transparent gangways as well as former stone elements, creating a space lying in the middle between “ancient” and “new”.

A fairy place combining history and modernity on one of Italy's best seashores.


PHOTO: Courtesy Esseelle Associati

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