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PAIN | BRUT, design on the table
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Form 2013 on, bread is not just something to eat, yet it is a raw material too, waiting to be shaped by creativity. This innovation has been brought to the international attention by A/R Studio, founded by Antigone Acconci and Riccardo Bastiani, on the occasion of FoodMade 2013 group exhibition, aimed at trasforming food into design raw material. That’s what the couple did with their PAIN | BRUT.

This collection features objects all made of the so-called reinforced-bread, created in an unexpensive and low technological way to produce simple essential forms that can be literally baked in the oven. The two core elements are an electro welded net combined with unleavened bread, which allow everyone to create resistant scented items whose flexible material is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. An innovative idea that clashes with the current technological world by producing low-tech items that bring users back to the plasure of creating something with their own hands. A/R Studio turns usual items upside down to emphasize the playful side of the object as well as the analogic non-technological dimension of life.


PHOTO: Courtesy of A/R Studio 

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