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Olivia De Jong: inspired by animals!
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Wood design pieces and small businesses hit Milan! That’s Goats on Forniture, a  group exhibition that took place on the occasion of the 2013 Design Week,challenging ten students of Gothenburg University. The inventors asked the students to design wood pieces that could be helpful for small goat milking businesses. Among the ten products designed for this out-and-out challenge there’s Bruse by Dutch Olivia de Jong.

Bruse is a 98-years-old-birch wood bench which combines furnishing with nature and animals by highlighting their similarity. The exhibit was aimed at promoting sustainability thanks to the employment of only recyclable materials without any waste. A way to mix design and Gothenburg University search which looks for new eco-friendly methods to connect local communities to society. Along Olivia De Jong’s creations there are stools, tasting-trays, a bicycle inspired by Asian tuk-tuk to be used for on the road products selling, children toys and so on.m Ten prototypes, presented for the first time on the occasion of the 2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair, showing the power of creativity and the quality of wood. 

Photo Courtesy of Goats on Furniture

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