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Nourishing creativity at FoodMade 2013
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Where does life come from? What’s the beginning of every tree and flower growing on Earth? It’s the seed, precious and essential source of life as well as the inspiration to Ivo Caruso and Alessandro D’Angeli project hosted within FoodMade 2013 group exhibit during FuorisaloneFoodMade was not just about home furniture such as tables and small design pieces, but also about a new attitude connecting food with design. The exhibition hosted several young designers whose work was based on the idea of food as the centre of the creative process.

That’s what Ivo and Alessandro have done by designing SEMEN, a range of cubes - the so-called “mini-bunkers” - where to put the inner treasure of any fruit, its seed. These boxes turn into out-and-out treasure chests, enriched by the aroma of the essential-oils-scented seeds inside them, whose fragrance spreads all over the plaster walls. Empty bunkers combined with lively elements as well as colors and scents, creating a unique mix between nature and the art of treasure-shielding.


PHOTO: Courtesy of Studio Caruso-D’Angeli

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