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The Japanese brand MUJI, founded in the 80s in Japan, was born in response to and in contrast with the habits of the commercial consumption society of the time. Its name derives from the Japanese expression "Mujirushi Ryohin", which means “No brand, quality goods”: this is the company's slogan and philosophy, that invites customers to buy their products not for their brand but for their quality and the functional design with which they were made.
Since then, MUJI is constantly expanding and is ready to launch its new Spring/Summer 2018 collection of Clothing, Food, Travel and Household items on the market. Regarding the travel line, there is a new line of accessories coming, characterized by completely new colors in shades of mustard, cobalt and gray.

Two innovative products that will make their debut in the summer: the portable aroma diffuser and the folding trolley. The folding trolley can be compacted on itself and easily stored under the bed or in tight spaces; the portable aroma diffuser instead, is nothing more than the mini version of MUJI's most popular diffuser aroma. This new version can be connected to a USB socket and does not require the presence of water to spread the preferred essential oils: it is sufficient to pour a few drops of essential oil on the replaceable filter inside and once loaded, can last 2 hours and is supplied with an elegant travel case.
But the real news is undoubtedly the launch, for the first time in Europe, of the Food line, made of strictly BIO products. Curry, pasta and risotto can be tasted in a delicious combination of flavors and cooked instantly in the microwave or in less than 10 minutes in the pan.
Snacks instead, including biscuits, wafers and cream crackers (which of course we have tasted for you) are available in both traditional flavors and more exotic combinations such as strawberry and blackcurrant.
So you just have to go and visit the new store in via Torino, 22 and immerse yourself in the wonderful world that MUJI evokes.


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