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MOTT 32: when design turns into a journey
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Central Hong Kong has recently became the Mecca of astonishing venues in terms of interior design. One of the hottest designers of the moment is surely Joyce Wang, who just signed another successful project right in the busiest area of the city.

MOTT 32 is not only a refined restaurant serving delicious food but also a unique example of interior design, taking the clients on a fantastic immigrant’s journey. The spaces of the restaurant (one big dining area five private rooms featuring five different styles) share a unique cinematic approach aimed at representing the basement of a Hong Kong bank and its evolution in time.

To emphasize the narrative of this interior, eclectic pieces of furniture featuring many styles – Chinese, British, Danish, American : on the one hand they represent the personality and taste of the previous occupants; on the other, they drag the attention in order to avoid the claustrophobic effect due to the lack of windows and natural light. Among the main focuses, the heavy-metal chain chandelier overlooking the dining room and the custom-built architectural skylight giving diners the impression of daylight. Apart from the design items, the tale is also told through other elements such as graffiti, original flooring and furniture from the Fifties, and walls with metallic thread embroidery on a hand-painted silk backdrop.

Last but not least, the bar and the bathroom recalling respectively an apothecary and a safety deposit box. In this way MOTT 32 proves to be both a spectacular location and a place telling the unique story of Hong Kong, but we would not feel surprised to also see it in some James-Bond Hollywood movie soon.



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