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Mobi: the design lamp inspired by a kaleidoscope
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When innovation and aesthetic research meet the result can only be a contemporary captivating design item, as proved by today’s project that seems to be the embodiment of versatility. Mobi is more than a simple lamp as it includes an infinite number of solutions and also represents a bold example of James Dieter’s style. Recently in fact, the New York based lighting studio – launched in 2001 – has been involving linking geometric units in a mobile way with the intent of infusing a sense of unexpected outcomes to the pieces, with a work intended to explore a range of ideas in greater depth. Thanks to its shape freely inspired by a kaleidoscope, Mobi perfectly embodies such approach: it can be shifted through a variety of forms, allowing for a wide range of shapes and sizes, as the fixture can be removed from its suspension points to change its shape.

By loosening the locking hinges, the structure moves freely to make different forms: once in position the hinge locks are tightened and the piece can be re-hung. The movable attachment fittings adjust easily in length and position without tools. The arrangement of the structure makes possible a doubling in size from the smallest to largest configurations, and a variety of distinct and unique forms. Energy saving is another crucial feature of Mobi, as it employs only LED light. Made of steel or brass with glass tubes, the lamp proves to be a contemporary yet evergreen lamp, the perfect balance between originality and versatility.


PHOTO COURTESY: James Dieter Studio

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