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Metis: mythological design desk
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It’s the piece of furniture that mostly exalts the work and study of its user, as proved by the name of today’s project: named after the Greek goddess that personifies Wisdom, Cunning and Prudence, Metis is a compact desk with plenty of storage. Designed by Portuguese designer Gonçalo Campos’s studio – whose work’s core is the combination of materials and production methods – this piece of furniture helps you keep your workspace tidy and organized with three drawers, two lidded sections and one secret compartment. Because some like to keep things at hand, and others like to keep them well hidden, this variety of storage means that Metis will adapt to the profile of each user.

And since its prepared to conceal all devices, cables and wires, the working top will remain clear and uncluttered. Beside its particular and unexpected storage space, Metis features several little details that where considered during its development. From the inclined fronts that keep the drawers out of the way when seating, to the concealed string that opens its secret compartment. All add to a carefully designed product, developed and tested to be functional and comfortable to use. Together all these aspects make for a thoughtful product that will delight and inspire all who have the pleasure to work on it. Created for Portuguese solid wood furniture brand Wewood, this design product is perfect for someone who’s looking for a touch of sophistication in a smart and tidy workspace, and suits both residential and commercial environments tank to its neutral natural color and the clean, neat yet refined and elegant essential lines.


PHOTO COURTESY: Gonçalo Campos Studio

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