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McQueen: bold design chair
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Ecological sustainability and decoration innovation: these are the main ingredients for the Aurora Glass Design recipe, the young design brand founded by innovative businessman Davide Rossi. After working for 15 years in the family-run glassmaker, Rossi launched his first glass design collection in 2011. Five years later, Aurora Glass Design features a wide design item range aimed at decorating any space, from living rooms to bathrooms, from bedrooms to dining areas.

The brand’s catalogue includes chairs, desks, bookcases, even shower boxes. Among such design products, beachy chair McQueen best embodies Aurora Glass’ philosophy and technique. McQueen «doesn’t recall fashion at all», says Davide Rossi. «it’s named after actor Steve McQueen. During the photo-shoot of the item, I hung a biker painting in the background: it made me think of McQueen because of his fearless adventurous life, therefore I decided to give my bold chair the same name». McQueen is made out of extra-clear glass with steel accessories: 100 cm wide by 42 cm long, it features a unique look and a much stable and resistant structure even though it doesn’t have an actual armchair seat. Showcased at our new TID showroom in Milan’s Baranzate district, McQueen is a design item that truly can’t go unnoticed.


PHOTO COURTESY: Aurora Glass Design

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