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Masquespacio: back to school
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If the identity of an institute – especially nowadays when interior design is a hot topic – is defined by its appearance, Acadèmia Altimira – based in Cerdanyola de Vallés, Barcelona – is certainly a bold unique school. Founded 15 years ago, the acting and English classes academy has undergone a strong renovation to celebrate such an important birthday. Owners and sisters Laura and Mònica ed Masquespacio to create a project that could address any of their students, from kids to teenagers and young adults. Founded in 2010 by Ana Milena Hernàndez Palacios and Cristophe Penasse, the Spanish studio deals with the two most contemporary subjects - that are interior design and marketing - by offering a unique fresh approach that has already resulted in international recognition as well as several awards. To please all the students, no matter their age, and build sort of a symbolic path inspired to the self construction students undergo in school, Masquespacio opted for a young design with actual colors and materials.

The123 square meter space now features three-quarter height plywood walls in order to make the most of the little natural light coming in from the outside, beside offering acoustic solution for the classrooms. The sliding wood doors meanwhile allow closing these rooms at anytime, with no light loss. Moreover, a “one to one” area was created for individual lessons: this new corner also features the aesthetic lines of the academy defined throughout the space, to offer a consistent atmosphere to the attendees.


PHOTO COURTESY: David Rodriguez, Carlos Huecas

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