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Marco Ferra and his Serie Geek's works
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Marco Ferra has been painting and drawing since he was child with a training and research focused mainly on classical design and oil painting, attended courses with different artists and art school masters.
He has always worked on human body, drawing and painting it, and since 2010, he has focused his paintings on animal subjects and their importance in our world. Art is a good way to explain why animals (including human being) and life are so beautiful.
Among his works, interesting the artworks belonging to the , an artistic research on those images that have become part of our everyday life, since the 1980s, and have influenced our way of living world. It is a projection of a future that could mark out what we were, in an old style, consumed as if it was an ancient artifact.

They are part of this collection: linked to the phenomenon of Google and computerization that has homogenized and standardized in a common language the search for data and news; and about the digital era powerfully entered in our way of living the community, offering an instrument that has become an alter ego of ourselves and that puts it in communication with others who live in the global community; is not just a hardware, an instrument but a way of considering the technology that "serves" man and that pushes the boundaries of the relationship between human and machine towards the first one; the last but not the least, that connects a commercial activities with our childhood instincts, overstepping the barriers of a simple product. Sometimes the surprise becomes more important than chocolate itself, a way to dream and hope.
You can find the entire collection at our showroom in via Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate or buy it directly on our online shop.



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