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Maoli: a design inspired by nature's shapes
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The debut of the new collection Maòli, founded by Maurizio Fardo, dates back to 1999 and is characterized by a design with more synthetic and functional expressions, according to tones of great originality. Not by chance, in 2007 the business won the Good Design Award.
Wood, bamboo and leather are the main natural materials that are handled and worked, creating a range of furnishing accessories that quickly became distinct on the market for personality and consistency.
Interesting is the production of aluminum products, aluminum obtained from recycled scrap that arrives in Madagascar from all over the world: old motors, aircraft parts, various cans, pots and cutlery of all kinds.

It is all firstly tempered and then cast in the sand with the method that was used in Europe about forty years ago, called Staffa Matta.
It is an old procedure that requires time, patience and where the human effort is still absolutely key since all the entire process is manual. At the end of the production cycle, the pieces are polished and brushed until they acquire the characteristic silver color that makes the Maòli aluminium so special.
The resulting objects reflect all the experience and passion for the work of folks that are becoming ever fewer and held in increasing esteem.
In our showroom, located few steps from Milan, you will have the opportunity to admire and touch several objects belonging to both the aluminium collection and the one in which the exotic Maòli root is mainly used. From the in aluminium, whose distinctive feature is its imperfections on the surface; to the rosewood candle holders with a minimal design and an exotic taste. List them all is not possible, we wait for you in via Pordoi, 8 in Baranzate or come to take a look at our .



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