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Luca Balletta and the four-legged world
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In November 2016, Luca Balletta brand, which creates unique and exclusive products for our four-legged friends, gets live. Products that combine Italian style with the functionality and high-quality of the materials; able to connect the owner with his dog and at the same time express his personality.
The very idea of using its name as a brand is a guarantee of transparency: the end customer knows exactly who is behind the product just purchased.

Everything that is produced and the components used to create the final article are 100% from the Italian and European markets, nothing is made or bought in China. In addition, technology and materials used are the same as the production chain in clothing for people. In this way he is able to guarantee the premium quality of the products offered: style products and at the same time functional sold in Switzerland, France, Slovenia and at a Flagship store in the heart of Milan.Of course we can not mention Papaya, the puppy of Chihuahua who has entered into the life of Luca Balletta's family and which has allowed the birth of this contemporary brand for urban dogs.In addition to being the inspirational muse, he tested for himself all the new creations before they come into production.Who would have said that design could also speak the language of man's best friend. For all animal lovers, you just have to run at our showroom in Baranzate and see with your eyes these beautiful creations: the  and the .


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