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Loft Design System: panel metamorphosis
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Versatile, creative and green: today’s featured project is a revolutionary type of decorative panels which goes beyond the mere concept of product, becoming an out-and-out decoration system that allows anyone to free their flair and imagination. Eco-friendly Loft Design System 3d panels turn interior design upside down by literally changing the face of any flat surface with unexpected movement effects. These panels feature components of natural origin only such as gesso, the leading ingredient. Moreover, the panels do not contain any toxic agent, they are not flammable and suit any sort of space, including public areas.

LOFT collection is an ever-growing project by design specialists, aimed at transforming panels into a unique exclusive form of expression. Each panel can be personalised with any sort of finish, from varnish to water and resin, with no limitations. Thanks to their modular design, 3d panels by Loft Design System create a unique 3d model that can revolutionize the look of any space, including commercial ones. Beyond the look, further properties change: thanks to the Soundwave design, for instance, the panels also feature interesting acoustic absorption properties that can implement the acoustics of the space, attenuating undesired sounds, eliminating echo and so on. Simple and fast to assemble, Loft Design System panels are the easiest and most versatile way to transform any interior.

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PHOTO COURTESY: ALL WOOD & Special Materials

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