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Lodz Design Festival: a festival to ponder and discover
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Eleven days all about any side of design, for a very unique event: the Lodz Design Festival. What will be on from October 9 to 19 in Lodz, in the very heart of Poland, will be far more than a simple design festival. The difference is made by the main theme of the event which represents an out-and-out conceptual consideration: Brave New World will be examining the contemporary and futuristic side of design and architecture, and the consequent expectations shown by the public towards these disciplines.

Can design contribute to the building of a better world? Is it really a part of the solution of the global problems? To gather design-lovers and professionals to answer these crucial questions, the Lodz Design Festival will be holding several engaging on-topic exhibitions and installations with international partners that will display many different interpretations of the idea of Brave New World.

Among the hottest happenings don’t miss Brave Fixed World, curated by Daniel Charny, director of London’s From Now On. The event will be focusing on the need for a different form of making, with a look at the past in order to “fix” what the mass production has made disappear. In this way a broader reflection will be suggested, that is what of the contemporary world needs to be repaired.

Thanks to its interactive side, which captivates the participant through its motto, the Lodz Design Festival will be one of the most absorbing field-events of both Europe and the whole world, in the collective effort to really put art in the service of the future.



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