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LA Juice: design tastes of fruit
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Everybody knows her for being the interior designer that makes celebrities’ dreams come true, yet Kari Whitman is actually so much more than that: an all-round designer that can fulfill any sort of project, from stately to minimal ones. LA Juice is a successful example of Whitman’s work: located in Los Angeles, the venue is named after its main focus, that is fresh juice. Being a juicer herself, Whitman managed to create a trendy place on the much renowned Melrose Avenue: LA Juice is a cozy yet open place, well illuminated through the front window.

The color palette features natural and quite dark colors that enhance the vivid lovely hues of the fruit and juices. The decoration is pretty minimal yet much functional, with a particular focus on different natural or recycled elements, such as the wood of the counter as well as the re-used brass prefabricated panels, leather belts and veneer. This environment-oriented choices are also matched by particular sophisticated elements such as the Carrara marble tops or the vintage copper pendants. Overall, the space features different materials that perfectly match one another; last but not least, everything in the place was custom, to create a unique spot that could at the same time respect the earth and the client’s wallet. The final result is a intimate yet trendy venue where to sip gorgeous tasty juices within a refined environment.


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