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KOKKODE ': an egg sitting or a sitting egg?
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The great Bruno Munari said: "The egg has a perfect shape, even though it is made with the ass."
Taking over this quote, sipping a good glass of wine and obviously in front of an egg, comes to life, at the beginning just for fun, what will be the first real project of two friends, at that time still university students: Andrea Santarossa and Valerio Mistura.
The form of this project recalls the FitBall, an unstable spherical tool used in physiotherapy, whose instability of the ball requires continuous postural adjustments needed to maintain the right balance and thus the right posture.
And it is precisely from the concept of balancing on our own feet, that during the first prototype design, the two designers had a support even from a posture expert in order to better understand how to make a seat that can give comfort to those who sit and at the same time be able to adapt to the different postural human needs.

After many tests, moulds and “mixtures”, and after finding a company that believed in them and in their project, the ILPO Design, finally KOKKODE ' started to become a concrete reality, an egg-shaped chair realized by injection of cold polyurethane foam and covered in removablefabric, which you can find on our in different colors: from yellow to white to brown.
The presence of a counterweight, placed at the base of the structure, allows the seat to come back always upright even when used horizontally, creating a striking swing movement. Counterweight inspired by the famous table game Subbuteo and those pawns that had no intention of falling.
An informal sitting project that represents the aesthetic and symbolic value of the egg shape, a nice design object that is well suited to harmony and elegance with every room and style, with a touch of cheerfulness.

INFO/ PHOTO COURTESY: Andrea Santarossa

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