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Kodama Zome: evolution made in Oregon
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Can one single design product combine man, nature, engineering, technology and comfort? The answer is yes and goes by the name of Kodama Zome, the hanging seats, beds and much more with a unique shape and philosophy. They’re the synthesis of geodesic domes, which were invented by revolutionary architect Buckminster Fuller, and zohodehral polygons, as found in natural sacred geometry. The name “zome,” in fact, comes from the combination of zonohedra and dome. A mix of art and structure, of engineering and architecture, of sacred geometry and human proportion, Kodama Zomes are the game changer that redefines comfortable living. Designed by licensed structural engineer Richie Duncan using the latest in 3D engineering software, Kodama Zomes are suspended above the ground, allowing them to sway slightly with a pendulum motion. While grounded zomes have been around for a while, Duncan is the inventor of the hanging zome and has a patent pending for this unique design.

Each Kodama Zome includes a powder coated steel structure, outdoor grade polyester webbing, marine grade 316 stainless steel hardware, and custom mattress and cushions, and a storage cover. They offer a wide range of colors and come standard with Sunbrella® outdoor canvas upholstery fabric. They are fully customizable with other fabrics, colors, and designer patterns to match any interior or exterior decoration: moreover, Kodama Zomes have a wide range of optional features such as waterproof outer covers or mosquito netting, and even further custom configurations like the “yacht” size, complete with surround sound and built-in TV/monitor. Everything is produced by Duncan and his team of local Oregon craftspeople, to offer a unique experience in terms of quality. On top of all of this, sustainability is another crucial feature of the Kodama Zome project, as the brand was founded with a deep concern for the health of the environment. To help protecting nature, the Kodama Forest Fund donates 5% of all net profits to nonprofits and other organizations that support sustainable forest management and timber harvesting.



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