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Kastellgatan 17A, the address for refined interior design
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This interior design apartment is particular on many levels, mainly because it has been decorated by the very same studio that managed its sale. Göteborg-based Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör studio in fact also serves as a real estate, putting on the market its projects.

It happened with this design apartment located in the young vibrant area of Linnéstaden, more precisely Kastellgatan 17A, on a lively street with many shops. Hosted in a early-century building, at first sight the space presents two interesting features: an impressive number of windows, the main source of its illumination, and high ceilings consistent with the old architecture. For this reason, looking out of the windows makes you feel like being on the second floor instead of just the first, which is linked to downstairs through an elevator that ends up right at the entrance of the 62 square meter apartment.

Overlooking mainly the building’s inner courtyard, the space is like a little oasis close yet far from the vibrant street, a peaceful environment where white color takes over, pleasantly contrasted by light colors such as the neutral parquet flooring, and more intense hues like the red from the rugs.

The mainly young decoration mixed with the old plasters creates an interesting combination between new and old, further emphasized by several included optional such as a working fireplace and wifi broadband internet running through the whole space. Despite it has only one bedroom, the apartment, designed by Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör studio, looks airy and wide thanks to the size of each room which allows both private and convivial moments, for an apartment that targets a couple willing to enjoy a home with no compromises in terms of comfort and style.


PHOTO COURTESY: Fredrik J Karlsson, SE360

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