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Jogging Pop-Up Store: the interior design project that targets sight and touch
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Temporary stores, also known as pop-up stores, are a great opportunity to create an original captivating commercial interior that enhances the eclecticism of the mind behind the project. That’s the case of Joggin pop-up store, signed by French interior designer Jean-Baptiste Fastrez, aged 31, together with Rodolphe Parente. This interior design project was displayed on the occasion of the 30th edition of the Festival of Fashion and Photography held yearly in Hyères at Villa Noailles, in the heart of Côte d'Azur. The temporary project reflects the broad spectrum of the nature of the event, as proved by the texture of the walls that recalls the macro structure of a fashion fabric.

Jogging pop-up store features an expressive, contextual and monochromatic signature through raw materials that are tile adhesive, white PVC and light, resulting in a texture that recalls fast but sophisticated brush strokes. The main color of the space is white: mannequins seem almost mix up with the walls, also thanks to the strong illumination which is mainly natural – the store has two windows and one big entrance – but also artificial, with many neon lights scattered on the ceiling and also on the wall. Hints of color liven up the entire space creating a pleasant contrast with the white palette as well as the minimalism of the decoration and the design items featured in this interior design project: shoes, book covers but also prints and canvas bring in a wide color spectrum – from black to red, blue and green. Thanks to the strong opposition between rough and smooth, as well as the arty side of its manufacture, Jogging pop-up store merges simplicity and sophistication, freshness and expertise.


PHOTO COURTESY: Olivier Amsellem

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