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Jerry House: interior design on the move
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An interior design project must always meet the clients’ needs and this particular work by Thai Onion studio really hits the target. Located in Cha Am Beach, Jerry House is a spacious property covering 435 square meters, owned by a couple willing to turn it into sort of a dynamic playground where to freely move, unlike their Bangkok apartment. Having four children, the couple’s aim was creating a place where to gather with friends and family and most of all where children could express themselves physically by running, climbing, playing and so on.

To meet the family’s needs, the Onion studio’s interior design work was inspired by a 1940 Tom & Jerry movie, after which the house is named: the final target was offering a interior design space where the little mouse could freely escape from his predator. The result was achieved by implementing the vertical connections beyond the existing stairway linking the ground floor to the upper ones. The space development upwards was then also implemented on an horizontal level by creating a layered net system completely crossed by the metal staircase reaching up to the third floor.

Another interesting passage is located in the kids bedroom upstairs, where beds are put into sort of tiny caves accessible through a couple of stairs. Moreover, the room itself is accessible via a little tunnel especially created to suit kids instead of adults. To offer a more unique virtual experience the studio also exploited other means such as the play of mirrors and the play of colors: white takes over the public spaces such as living room and dining room; lively hues paint the kids’ room, with different colors in which each child can identify.


PHOTO COURTESY: W workspace : Wison Tungthunya

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