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Into the Light Ho when illumination speaks Greek
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Today’s featured project is not an actual design hotel but an exhibition aimed at enhancing the visitor’s stimuli through experiential events and activities. The result goes by the name of “Into the Light Hotel”, created to promote a contemporary though timeless architectural approach of an exemplary Greek hotel model. The challenge was to create a space that would bring together all that is best in a hotel that is integrated in the Greek landscape and at the same time derives from it. Designed by a group of professionals from Athens-based A31 studio, the project focuses on the Greek Light, which served as inspiration for its creation and functionality purposes.

Each space of the exhibition recalls a feature of Greece: the lobby allows connection with the mountainside of the mainland, fascinating through the mere lack of any pomposity; the dining room merges classic and modern to create both a stylistic and a human harmony; the garden recalls the islands through arid arid plants, sand and water; and finally the actual room offers a contemporary yet Cycladic interior that is as simple as cozy. Just like the project’s name suggests, light plays a leading role in the exhibition: the applications of light through different perspectives and filters (modern trellises, skylights, pergola) trigger the visitor’s emotions, since surprise is being succeeded by warmth, feeling of safety and intimacy.


PHOTO COURTESY: Christos Drazos

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