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Intangible design from Singapore
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Silent creativity and pure design: those are the aims of Melvin Ong and Supertini Tjiang’s brand Desinere from Singapore. Their objects show clear references to oriental peace as well as the will to escape from the chaotic and noisy world, to just stop and enjoy silence, worlds and thoughts. The two designers want to fight chaos by finding calmness and balance. Desinere design creates new genuine experiences and interactions between objects and people, presenting unexpected shapes and pieces that play with reality and its symbolism, such as those displayed in Milan during the design Week. Mappa cake-stand looks like an artwork, thanks to its paper-folding-style lines. Itty Bitty is a playful ironic stool inspired by the spider shape: its rocking refers to the constant impatience of human beings who can never stand still in the same place.  

The collection features various material such as wood and even concrete which has been employed to create A’konkret, a stool made only of concrete, then covered in fabric to mix hardness and softness all together. Leather is the main element of Leather in Basketry which is an homage to the traditional  wicker basket made by combining craftsmanship with the latest laser technology employed to cut the leather stripes. An occasion to stop and listen to ourselves, or even to the others. 


Photo Courtesy of Desinere 

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