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INTO THE WHITE, the dream between art and design
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Born from an idea of, the exhibition INTO THE WHITE integrates the Milanese itinerary of Fuori MiArt and wants to give birth to a dialogue between two artists so far away from each other’s, for many reasons, such as for stylistic and social reference, but at the same time similar thanks to their visual journey of formal research.
Umberto Savoia and Ilaria Bochicchio impart in their artworks a quiet melancholy that becomes archetype in the common use of the white color in representing bodies. The heavenly subjects of Savoia emerge from the backgrounds and at the same time they hide in themselves and where a portion of reality is portrayed with attention to the human gesture. Which in turn the bodies represented by Ilaria Bochicchio bring back a strong heaviness of existence where the accumulation of life traps in a shape. Those are slow bodies that emerge from their rooms of colors in a voluntary action of stasis.

INTO THE WHITE will be also music thanks to the harmony of violin played by Irene Loddo that on Mozart’s notes, will give life to a homage that Ilaria Bochicchio wants to dedicate to her beloved artist Umberto Savoia. That white so shining, that here it’s also symbol of agony, but also of spirituality, will permit to the public to get into the dream the artists wanted to recreate, sometimes waking up in order to admire the contemporary design of minotticucinemilano that will be the background of the exhibit.
The White on which wants to focus the attention anticipates a bigger attention toward the white that finds its maximum expression in the event White in the City, the cultural event that will tell this color in all its color and symbolic declination for the occasion of the always nearer Milano Design Week. The event designed by Giulio Cappellini will get involved different locations in Milan, outlining a particular itinerary of architecture, art, design and lifestyle.

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