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Igor The Illusionist: magical design
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A unique, distinguishable design lamp for a very important award. That is Igor The Illusionist, whose magic is all about the light: this in fact is the name of the design table lamp by Look Light that just won the Lighting Products and Projects A' Design, the prize that each year awards the most interesting international projects. Designed by Maria Grazia Paternoster, Igor – aka Mod.01 Igor The Illusionist – is the design embodiment of one of the designer’s childhood reminiscences, as well as her early days emotions.

The result is a design piece that features not just an emotional part but also a well-balanced combination between technology and craftsmanship, as the lamp is both laser cut and varnished by hand - and can also be customized on demand. Whilst the actual lighting source complies with contemporary standards, offering natural or warm LED light, the silhouette of Igor The Illusionist actually represents a timeless form that combines an intense narrative with an accurate shape study, resulting in an item as magical as the memory it tells. By connecting visually and emotionally with the user, this design lamp replays the experience that inspired its creation: a unique moment that sticks in people’s mind, proving that design is not just about beauty and sight but also our private emotions.


PHOTO COURTESY: Look Light Italian Design

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