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HUESO: eccentricity par excellence
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When designing a brand new bold venue two things are crucial to the final result: a great interior design work and also the actual location of the project. This restaurant, called Hueso (the Spanish word for “bone”) meets both of those requirements by being located in a unique area of the Mexican city of Guadalajara: the Lafayette district, also known as the design district.
That’s the area where the renowned chef Alfonso Cadena choose to open an innovative concept restaurant which distinguishes itself both on the inside and on the outside.

The Fourties building hosting a 240 square meter space has been completely covered both inside and outside thanks to the creative project by Cadena y Asociados design studio: on the outside, the edifice is covered with a layer of handcrafted ceramic tiles with neat geometric b&w patterns. Just like the unusual façade, astonishment continues inside where walls are covered with various elements, especially animal bones after which the venue was named. Located on vertical wood plates attached over the stone brick walls, these ornamental elements also include cooking tools and plant parts.
The color palette is the same of the façade, with bright and natural hues such as the color of tables and chairs (entirely made out of wood), arranged in an unusual way, one after the other, to create a convivial atmosphere within the bony walls.
Contemporary art pieces by local artists further enrich the interior decoration whilst the white tile work of the floor recalls the ceramic tiles on the outside.



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