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Hospitality over the top by Stan & Co Restaurant
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Hospitality is what customers seek in a restaurant, as well as a delicious meal. Moreover, hospitality is the keyword for De Horeca Fabriek, the studio that created Stan & Co, a restaurant in Utrecht combining a contemporary look and traditional hospitality.

Designers, communication experts, graphics and catering consultant worked together to create this venue where hospitality is in the details such as the decoration, which has been designed to appeal the customers at first sight. 

Stan & Co presents an industrial inspiration resulted in a New-York-like interior with brick walls, concrete pillars and in view pipes like the Big Apple’s Meatpacking District. The squared bar counter overlooks the center of the space, with many ceiling lamps above and wood tables, stools and a blackboard-wall around.

An industrial decoration perfectly matching the warm atmosphere you will experience as soon as you get in the restaurant.



PHOTO: Courtesy of De Horeca Fabriek 

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