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Holland hits Tortona Locations
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During the design week in Milan, Tortona Locations introduced for the second time New Duivendrech, founded by Frederik Roijé and Victor le Noble, whose aim is to spread the quality of Dutch craftsmanship around the world, thanks to the cooperation with several designers. The way Frederik Roijé and Victor le Noble distribuite their handmade products has nothing to do with the limited-edition strategy, to provide a quality eco-friendly product around the world. 

New Duivendrecht collection features lamps, mirrors, tables, chairs and five 2013 new entries: a bar table, a lounge chair based on Hensen di Kranen/Gille design, a stackable chair collection, a table by Frederik Roijé and a revolutionary jellyfish-shaped metal-sheet lamp by Roderick Vos. A furniture collection that mixes local traditional craftsmanship with modern design, enriching also pre-existing products such as hand-weaved cotton carpets by Sjoerd Jonkers, as well as Slim Ben Ameur vases, based on a study on the harmony between different shapes placed side by side.


PHOTO: Courtesy of New Duivendrech

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