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Get in on the first edition of Forte Design Week
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On 28 June, thanks to the Patronage of Municipality of Forte dei Marmi, to Dr. Francesco Tursini, the Artist Daniele Basso and to the Dr. Patrizia Grigolini, who have conceived and promoted the event, the doors of the first edition of Forte Design Week are officially open.
The design world is landed on the delightful seaside town of Forte dei Marmi, one of the most sought after holiday destinations for Italian and international tourists.
Many designers are presented with their unique and limited edition works.
From the artist Adriana Lohmann with her lamps from the energy balance, shaped in several different colors and materials and made entirely by hand; to the designer Gio Minelli with his particular collection “Anomalie” made entirely of mirror polished stainless steel and whose highlight is surely represented by the table legs: curved and twisted as if they were trying to break free and climbed upward, trying to break through the support plan.

Many of the materials used, some of which are considered at first sight poor and banal, are enhanced and ennobled thanks to the talent and skills of these designers.
Natural materials, primarily the felt, take on new life in the hands of the artist Judith Byberg, creating soft and creative lights while, the company founded by Maurizio Fardo, transforms the aluminum and wood into a series of furniture inspired by the shapes of nature.
There are also social issues, dealt with through IOTA’s products. Creations dedicated to the manufacture of crochet, hand-made items with the aim of creating employment for people otherwise unemployed, allowing them to earn an honest life.
Behind instead “Sofia” tea set by Serap Korkmaz, there is the will to introduce one of the most traditions of Turkish culture: tea and its ritual, a sign of hospitality for the Turkish people.
Every product and design object that you will be lucky to admire at Villa Bertelli Foundation, hides a story, a message, that every artist wants to share and disclose to the viewer. You have until 23 June.. Hurry up!!!

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