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Open in 2013, Gamsei – a cocktail bar located in the vibrant Glockenbach district of Munich – is one of the first venues that focus on the importance and quality of local products in terms of drink and not just food. Thanks to its brilliant owner, Australian bartender Matthew Bax, Gamsei offers cocktails based on local ingredients, to emphasize the products of the region and to take position against the globalization and standardization of cocktail bars.

To reflect Gamsei’s philosophy, Fabian A. Wagner (from Buero Wagner) and Andreas Kreft designed an interior aimed at enhancing the Bavarian culture and local craftsmanship. Thanks to its amphitheatre-like shape, the bar displays a new idea of interaction between bartender and client who no longer stand one in front of the other; from the tribunes, clients can enjoy Matthew Bax and his team during the preparation of their refined cocktails, taking place in one only space that erases the separation between the working-space and the actual bar counter.

The furniture is strictly made out of local materials, first of all the oak wood of tribunes and cupboards. Ceramic plays a strong role too, with many ceramic bottles containing self made syrups, essences and liqueurs. Every detail, like the door to the toilets and the coffee machine, is perfectly integrated in the interior and seems almost invisible.

With neutral colors and an innovative space configuration, Gamsei is a friendly venue where none of the customers is left behind, and everyone can enjoy the magic of Bavarian products all together.


PHOTO COURTESY: Jann Averwerser

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