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Futuristic office by Consexto
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Architecture, product design and technology: these are the fields of Porto’s Consexto, creating planned out suggestive projects. The studio creates custom spaces aimed at giving a strong impression at first sight, as proved by their stunning project Avenida da Boavista. The space consists of many levels linked to each other with only one entrance on the street and a façade made out of sliding panels and glasses linking the interior to the exterior. The interior features sharp forms and asymmetric walls surrounding a yellow armchair: each level represents one of the several services offered by the company that owns the space.

The second floor features a sliding wall hiding an actual cinema with a meeting table and touch-screens all linked together. The third floor hosts the actual office, enriched by hi-tech devices to make daily routine more pleasant. Everything is movable to create many different spaces, thanks for example to the sliding bookcases that can be brought from one floor to the other, as well as pull-out tables. An out-and-out custom space with a futuristic feel.


Photo Courtesy Fernando Guerra

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