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Furniture stickers
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Tired of the usual domestic walls? Now there is a solution. Forget your grandmother’s wallpaper or faux vintage interiors that reproduce an old époque style. Today we can easily talk about wall stickers as a pop, young and unusual choice.
Defined patterns or abstract figures? draws or words? strong paints or soft colours? There is a wide range of alternatives. We just need to find the best shade for a particular place able to satisfy our taste in the meantime.
The wall-stickers, commonly vinyl, give lots of possibilities to redefine spaces and they turn into perfect furnishings.  Not only at home. The new furniture trend is emerging among hotels, shops and restaurants. Everyone can add on stickers that portray landscapes, every kind of embroidery, suggestive quotes in order to highlight a particular style or to make a room corner much more sophisticated.  

The interior design has never been so simple and cheap. Everyone is able to fix the stickers: you just need to choose a smooth and steady surface and exert pressure on it. You can buy them on-line , considering the various offer: colours, shapes, prices and measures.
The French brand Domestic that collaborates with artists, graphics and designers – between whom we can cite Bertjan Pot, Matali Crasset, Sam Baron, Inga Sempé, Marti Guixe – is one of the best brand and it brings playful and ironic results within everybody’s reach. Life-size objects are re-created moving from pop patterns to trompe-l’oeil creations. If you are searching for personalized wall-stickers the best solution would probably be Vinyluse, while Atelier LZC is preferable for floreal designs. Even an artistic touch may revive a room. It does not take much to change.




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