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Fujigaoka M: multi-layered apartment
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“Love on a shoestring” is a great motto, yet living in a modern quality apartment is great too. This project was commissioned by a couple who wanted to renovate an apartment to start a new life together. The space Fujigaoka M, re-designed by Japanese Sinato studio, is located within a 26 year old condo, therefore it obviously needed to be updated in terms of style.

Based in Tokyo, the studio, directed by architect Chikara Ohno (born in 1976) and joined by seven professionals, deals with interior design, architecture and so on. For this renovation the team chose to re-arrange the 64 square meter space all around the transverse bearing wall in the centre of the rectangular apartment.

The private area is now located behind it, featuring bedroom and walk in closet, with an open access that faces the big windows located at the end of the apartment itself, representing one of the main source of light of the whole space. Natural illumination is in fact one of the core elements of the project, whose “L shape” and openness make sunlight and air reach any part of the apartment, stressing its neutral balanced colors.

Dining table and kitchen link the private and living area through sort of a corridor: the centre of the living room is taken over by the actual distinctive dividing element of the project, a massive wood cubic multi-function piece of furniture that features bookshelves, storage space, drawers and even seats for guests. Despite this divider, the space doesn’t display a real distinction between the different rooms, with a multi-layered effect aimed at stressing the concept of sharing, as proved by the living room itself, reminding of a summery indoor terrace.


PHOTO COURTESY: Toshiyuki Yano

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