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From caterpillar to butterfly: design renovation in tel Aviv
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A design renovation that releases the full potential of a space: today's featured project is a “happy ending story” based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Last year designer Mayan Ish Shalom, together with Michal Tchwella, faced the 6B Studio project under architect Amir Navon's supervision. Located on the second floor of a Fifties building, the 67 square meter space originally featured a bad space division with a poor illumination due to two windows only on the opposite ends of the place.

The renovation solved the problem through a simple yet efficient intervention, opening a window in the wall between the kitchen and the bedroom, to make the light flood both rooms. This also gave the apartment a new space perception, enhanced by the design decoration and the neat furniture, with a palette based mainly on white, with hints of black and natural colors to create pleasant contrasts. Moreover, the living room features a glass wall adjacent to the additional living room, further implementing the natural illumination as well as enhancing the apartment layout. An out and out happy ending that proves how design can actually upgrade our everyday life, with smart solutions that are as beautiful as functional.


PHOTO COURTESY: 181- Architecture Photography

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