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Foursquare checks-in at Soho
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Sometimes working can be fun: that was the aim of Foursquare’s new offices in Soho, New York, launched in 2012 and designed by Audra Canfield for Fluff Designer. The inspiration come from Foursquare online platform as well as from the made in us philosophy which combines work and leisure, as seen in Google’s 7000 square meters headquarter in Tel Aviv. Each room features some of Foursquare most iconic symbol such as badge and “check-ins” airbrushed on the walls; moreover, each space is characterized by a particolar motif specified on each door’s label. You can run into plastic animals and grassa s well as two red telephone boxes or an out-and-out bar.

With the approval of CEO Dennis Crowley and Director Derek Stewart, Canfield also designed a lounge area featuring table tennis and table football, as well as a conference room decorated with comfy chairs to create a trendy, relaxing lively atmosphere. The main color is grey clashed with fluo hues or blue. There’s also a room inspired by nightlife, with metallic wallpaper, purple armchairs, crystal chandeliers and reflective furniture. Finally, the “Swarm” room, featuring a green, black and white honeycomb wall by Osborne & Little, and drop-shaped lamps reminding of beehives. When design creates the perfect environment, even working can be the funniest thing ever.


PHOTO: courtesy of Dezeen

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