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FALLING LEAVES, light and shadows
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She obtained a degree in Architecture in Venice, and since 2006 she has been taking care of designing and interior design. At Salone Satellite 2013 she presented her first works as a designer. Her goal is to create objects which do not lose interest after a first sight, but they always show new facets. This objects should interact with the environment and become animated thanks to the light, drawing the space with their shadows.
In her design, Alessandra Meacci, try to give life and animation to her objects, in fact what she loves are really well defined volumes and contrasts between light and shadows. She is fascinated for natural elements and these ones with light and reflex, and the shadows created, guide her research.
“, is born from an experiment with laser cut on metal sheet that later has changed to laser cut on plexiglass.

The decorative element is the sylization of a leaf with its veining; these are thoughts as single leaves or as groups of more elements, some of them folded in a way that looks like the leaves are “coming out” of the wall.
Those are created as decoration for the walls and recall the “ORIGAMI” that is to say the objects realized with the art of folding paper (ORI-folding; KAMI-paper) that has its originin the Japanese culture beside the ancient Chinese tradition.
The idea of the designer is the one to create tridimensional elements that project a game of shadows and of reflex on the wall, drawing on this and on the ceiling the actual shadow of a tree hit by the sunlight, all this with a light and dark weft.
These elements during the day, and during the change of seasons, change themselves as intensity and colors. The atmosphere, rich of light and shadows, that has been created in the inside of those places with walls and ceilings decorated with these bright objects, of different colors, change with the passing of the hours, depending on sunlight and sunbeams that come from the outside of the house through the windows.
These effects, shadows, chiaroscuro, reflex and clearly the atmosphere re-invoke the magic of Far-Est: the iridescent reflexes in a Japanese garden, the geometrical lines of a Zen Garden.
The kit proposed by Alessandra Meacci is studied for creating a composition on the wall with dimensioncm 170x110; and made of 12 pieces of different shapes and materials.
For this first edition the elements are mixed in unblemished gold plexiglass, in unblemished bronze plexiglass and white opalescent plexiglass; in each kit there are eight single leaves of two different layout and for groups of leaves of two different types.


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