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Fairy interior design in Mexico City
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Malamén was a girl who lived in the French district of Mexico City during the revolution. She used to take note of any kind of recipe to hopefully – one day - fulfill her dream: to open a restaurant. Nobody knows what happened to this girl, the only thing left is her book, which inspired graphic designer Marco Colin who decided to make the girl’s dream true.
Located in the lively Polanco district, the restaurant – launched in 2012 - has been designed by Colind and Ricardo Casas. The interior is cozy, enriched by the book pages displayed on the white brick walls: the aim is to tell the guests the story of Malamén, further illustrated by a black and white drawing.

The interior design style is minimalistic, with close tables on a grey flooring and a ceiling composed by 28 rose windows reminding of the French district the girl lived in. An entire wall is dedicated to her portraits, by Marco, overlooking a bar counter made out of Carrara marble, lit by appliqués bronze lamps originally part of a tray by Panoramica.
A storytelling place where anyone can live the dream of a stranger girl.


Photo Courtesy Jaime Navarro

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