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En yu-An: craftsmanship meets interior design
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When talking about design and tradition, an interior must reflect the main features of a country, and that’s exactly what En yu-An does. Located in Taito-Ku, Tokyo, this space serves as the showroom of the company Maruwakaya, the manufacturer of the so-called “monozukuri” pieces, linking Japanese craftsmanship, design and contemporary art all together. Completed in 2012, the 37 square meter space is characterized by light and natural hues because of its main element – wood - which stresses the bond with the homeland by coming only from Japanese woods.

The interior is partitioned through the employment of pillars, sills and lintels creating a geometrical dynamic setting that gives the visitors the sense of the variation of the space. The separate wood framework, made out of local cedar and hemlock and revolving around the counter, adds the showroom a modern feel that merges Japanese style and contemporary design, just like the firm does.
The essential yet refined work is by Fumihiko Sano, founder of PHENOMENON studio. Born in 1981, the architect deals with traditional Japanese style by operating on materials and techniques thanks to his rich background that also includes carpentry. In this way, the En yu-An project reflects Sano’s style as its best by exploiting the solid yet light wood to create a unique, full yet simple space where lightness welcomes visitors in a journey to discover the true Japanese know-how.


PHOTO COURTESY: Daisuke Shima/Nacása&Partners Inc

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