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Ecstasy: from eucharist bread to interior design
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Cristina Celestino, architect, designer and founder of three-years-old Attico studio, has drawn inspiration from religion to create Ecstasy, presented within 2013 FoodMade on the occasion of the Fuorisalone in Milan. This ambitious project was aimed at creating a dressing table based on eucharist bread’s lines and shape. Like old times, Ecstasy features a carafe and a washbowl. This piece of furniture appears as an altar inside the bedroom, characterized by decorations and lines inspired by eucharist bread and employed in a sort of hedonistic way.  


Cristina Celestino drew inspiration by food, depriving it of its main use to turn it into a decor element - such an upholstery for either panels or wood footstools – or even the main motif of a piece of furniture. Therefore, Ecstasy presents a recurring circle motif, as proved by its mirrors and sink, whose shape is aimed at emphasizing feminine beauty as well as giving a retro touch to the space this product fits in.
This project, created particularly for the 2013 Design Week, embodies Celestino’s love for combining precise geometrical shapes with traditional details, in order to design pieces of furniture that can be mass produced without losing a luxurious handcrafted look.
A unique play between tradition and innovation, old and new, as well as fashion, art and design.


PHOTO: Courtesy of Attico

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