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Echo: when materials and nature merge in a design piece
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Matter of Stuff is a design gallery and creative studio founded in London in 2014 by Simona Auteri and Sofia Steffenoni. Since the beginning, it has been promoting a particular design that is strongly tied to craftsmanship, as proved by its unique collections that represent the perfect umami between art, design, handmade and raw materials. Uufie is among the many names that participated in this year's product collection: founded in 2009, the architecture and design studio focuses on innovation and materials.

For Matter of Stuff, Uufie designed Echo, a table project that pushes matter towards a new meaning: on the one hand, it emphasizes the beauty and uniqueness of wood and metal; on the other, it makes the user imagine something almost intangible. Thanks to a unique processing, which exposes the hardwood revealing the winter seasons and embedding metal into the lines of the softwood, Echo's surface represents an elusive boundary between the two materials. The objectivity is further enhanced by removing the sense of substantial weight and density of the materials. The sense of lightness also recurs in the table legs, referencing the shape generated by the spilling of water. Nature is another trait of this design piece, whose variation of the top in an organic circle evokes the form of a stone formed by the sea current. The three hues of the table – due to three different materials employed, aluminum, copper and brass - recall the colors of an immense dawn.


PHOTO COURTESY: Daria Petrillo

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