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Dutch Design Week: road to Eindhoven
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After 9 days dedicated to the very best of design, the curtains on the last Dutch Design Week closed on Sunday. Started on October 18th in Eindhoven, the event livened up the city with many happenings and exhibitions for the thirteenth time, hosted at the main cultural local venues such as the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Eindhoven University of Technology. Once again, the programme included various sides related to design, like experimentation, interdisciplinary cross-over and an overview on the creative process.

Despite the autumnal weather, the 13th edition of Dutch Design Week proved to be another success, with over 250.000 visitors coming to Eindhoven to enjoy this year’s theme, UP, which challenged both renowned designers and young emerging talents. Thanks to the accurate organization of the event, sponsored by big brands such as Philips and Volvo, the 9-day design festival demonstrated to be n actual international stage for design, with busy peaks during the opening and closing weekends when the 35 Volvo design rides free cabs carried circa 10.000 people per day.

As any important design week, there was room for social issues too, as proved by artist Arne Hendriks, Ambassador of the event, who exhibited FATberg (Mountain of fat) and Age of Wonderland, two works characterized by a strong social engagement. Another focus was there-use of raw materials, as well as the search for sustainable alternatives, which engaged not only designers but also artists, inventors and scientists, proving the multifaceted essence of design.

With 387 events, 86 locations and 2,400 participating designers, the Dutch Design Week confirmed its cultural value making The Netherlands the ultimate destination for innovation and progress.


PHOTO COURTESY: Sjoerd Eickmans, Boudewijn Bollmann, Jeroen van der Wielen

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