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The job of a designer is indeed focused on experimentation, continuous tests, object production, improvement, and constant self-challenging to fulfill a design project.

Whether it is a lamp, a piece of furniture, a chair or any other object, everyday there are so many design projects because the designers making our everyday-life better and more functional are so many as well.

We really admire the work of the designers because they make the world a more beautiful place.

Our design projects

At we have been dealing extensively with lots of design projects, some for home interiors, other for offices or living-spaces. There are also other design projects such as children lamps like , which is just one of the hundreds examples of our projects.

We have over 70 pages of design projects, each listing 10 projects including chairs, stairways, furnishing, but also former factories renovations.

We receive your project from all over Italy but also from abroad:  for instance is from Utrecht, because we know design is a global thing.

We really believe in our designers and their projects, that’s why we have created this section just for them. Our portal is an actual showcase for any designer (therefore, for any project).

If you are an architect or a designer register to our Community TID, where you’ll be able to publish your design projects for free. A new part of the site is also coming soon, to make designer’s products purchasable right on their personal page.

Being part of this TID community will simply increase your desire for Design.

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