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Decorating void by DoroDesign
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On the occasion of the 2013 design Week in Milan, DORODESIGN has presented Aria, an evocative intangible furniture collection, the second of the Italian brand. DORODESIGN’s aim is to offer not just furniture pieces but a strong lifestyle dedicated to those loving luxury, originality and a bit of urban style, as embodied by DOROLIFESTYLE itself. Doro has left behind any knick-knack by filling interior spaces with a sort of void. Its chairs displays light essential features, such as an iron&steel shell offering either a rod or a classic back. Another example of Doro’s efficient design is the shell realized by employing only one iron rod, partitioned into thirteen parts, then combined to a steel sheet that functions as a seat.

These pieces of furniture present a strong design as well as a wide range of hues, such as green, cherry-red, saffron-yellow, light blue and optical white, in order to satisfy any taste and need. DORODESIGN has fulfilled the aim of creating light pieces based on absolute essentiality. This Italian brand, founded in 2011 by two designers from Turin, has already produced a limited-edition collection, ZeroCollection, presented last year. Each piece of the range, ZeroChair, ZeroPoltrona, ZeroChaiseLongue, ZeroCoffee-Table and ZeroCoatHanger, was made of aluminium, with a linear strong design.

Be Exclusive, Be Doro!



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