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 Czech Design Week: design lands in Prague
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Around 150 designers, both Czech and international, are ready to to make itself known and appreciated during the new edition of the Czech Design Week that will kick off on November 27th.
The main feature of this event is to bring design on the streets of the city, out of closed and dark rooms, where anyone can appreciate it. Artists can be admired in a new area of Hybernská 4 building and also in the premises of collaborating partners, those partners will be assigned a CZDW brand.
Among the artists who would get the chance to show their own ideas and tell the stories that lay behind them, we present some of them, each with a different way of thinking about art and design, coming from different realities, worlds and experiences.

The first one is a Romanian brand, UBiKUBi, founded by two architects, Dragos Motica and Robert Savu, who draw inspiration from the long artisan tradition and from the abundance of the natural riches of their country, Romania. Smart design, natural materials and mindful sustainability are running in this young brand’s DNA, characterized by the conviction that Romanian design can be a source of quality and originality.
Then we have Sub_tables, a brand which is trying to relive objects through simple and essential forms of the tables, combining iron and concrete and using polystyrene forms to create peculiar shapes. The tables are enlightened, virtually flying, creating an interesting concept that can deceive the viewer's perception.
Steven Bello instead is a Peruvian designer who represents the spirit of the whole Latin America through a combination of modernity and naturalness. His work, which might seem to look minimalistic, embodies a strong contrast and creates discordant feelings.
Finally, Samesis, a brand of Slovakian twins Lucia and Katarína, whose work seem to come from the primeval eons. They combine wood and coals with metals, drawing inspiration from the wildness and asymmetry of the inanimate part of nature.
To get to know all the participants of this new edition, Prague is waiting for you from the 27th of November to the 3rd of December for the new edition of the Czech Design Week. What are you waiting for?


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