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Country tradition meets art at the 2013 Design Week
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Country tradition and its natural raw materials: these served as main inspiration to Kaamos design studio, formed by Katriina Nuutinen, Erik Bertel, Vesa Kattelus, Matti Syrjälä and Anna Palomaa. Five young designers from Finland who created small home design pieces inspired by their own countryside, a place rich in history and ancient customs where families spend time together around the fireplace. The range includes pottery, glass pieces, rugs and lamps, bringing a North European feel to any interior. Clean design and natural materials characterize this light collection combining ceramic, glass and Finnish wood.

Kuru is a rounded plate and cup set held in a reindeer leather net bag. There is also a thermos made out of glass and cork which perfectly keeps any beverage warm.
Nietos rug, by Anna Palomaa and Katriina Nuutinen, is inspired by home rags which have been upgraded through embroidery to become a decorative piece.
Oma, made out of wrought iron and blown glass, is not just a lamp but also a reminder of the intimacy of a home. Miina, Alue and LINJA, other three pieces of the collection, all share the aim of creating a comfy cosy atmosphere.
Warm objects that contribute in creating a homey environment where to feel the importance of family. The range has been fully handcrafted to honor country traditions, yet it can be replicated in an industrial way to become more affordable.


Photo Courtesy: Kaamos

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