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Container: deconstructed design sideboard
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Designing a contemporary piece of furniture means taking into account several factors, especially the needs of its final users which can be met through a multifunctional result. This happens especially when it comes to storage furniture whose aim is to contain many different items such as books, electrical appliances and so on. An interesting example of modular, functional yet stylish design is undoubtedly this sideboard by Alain Gilles for Casamania: its name is Container and its main feature is a new approach within the structure of such piece of furniture.

Despite regular sideboards, Container has been divided into different elements – the so called containers – to stress the different functions it can serve through a conceptual work of deconstruction and reconstruction. Based on a person's needs, these elements can be combined in many different ways, proving Container's versatility both in terms of use and look, making this piece of furniture the actual embodiment of the idea of multifunction. The study behind Container goes beyond design, reaching up architecture: the project recalls sea transportation by being made of a “landing dock” base on which you can pile up and assemble the smaller containers. Structure is the core of this design piece, as proved by the employment of several different materials and finishings aimed at diversify each section. In this way anyone can create their own piece of furniture by giving it the shape and colour they prefer, therefore expressing their personality.

Thanks to its versatility, Container suits any room of an house, from the living room as a TV stand to the bedroom where it can store personal items or even clothes.


PHOTO COURTESY: Alain Gilles Studio

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