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Conscious spaces: 16 bedroom design tips to support a loving relationship
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Your home is a reflection of your life. Of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom is the one representing your most intimate self. The state of your bedroom reflects how you feel about intimacy and your relationship with your partner. Becoming more conscious of the space you are living in could help you to address patterns in your life that are preventing your relationship from being at its best.

It’s no surprise to learn that the state of your home and your bedroom may be symbolic of certain issues. A perfectly preened home and bedroom may indicate issues around control. A messy, cluttered home and bedroom is a sure sign of avoidance and may indicate protection issues. A bedroom with a TV and other digital distractions could be a sign that there is some fear or discomfort around intimacy.

When there’s an imbalance in the bedroom (for example, one partner has more wardrobe space and more room to get out of bed), it could correspond to the power balance in your relationship. And if the décor in a bedroom is partially finished it could represent a fear of commitment. It’s not an exact science; symbolism is individual, but it’s worth taking a step back to see if there are changes you could make in your bedroom to support your relationship.
Your bedroom should only be used for rest and romance. Here’s how:

16 Tips for creating a more romantic bedroom

1. Comfy, h furnishings
The first step for creating a bedroom space with romance in mind, is to . If you’re not well rested, you won’t be able to appreciate each other and enjoy each other’s company. . A lack of sleep inevitably means you’ll be tired and even grumpy. It’s the not the best starting point for intimate moments.
Soft throws and cushions can make your bedroom feel like a cosy love nest. High quality Egyptian cotton bed linens will make your bed feel like it belongs in a hotel.

2. Romantic colours
Colour has an impact on our emotions. . You want to create an environment that is both relaxing and romantic.

3. Soft and sensual fabrics
Make the most of soft and sensual fabrics. The texture of fabrics can be incredibly seductive.

4. A room with a positive view
When you wake up in the morning, the view of your bedroom should be a pleasing one. That includes the view from your bedroom window. If you don’t have a particularly nice view from your bedroom window, use pretty sheer curtain fabrics and plants to act as a screen.

5. Kick out the clutter
Try to . Being disorganised doesn’t make us feel good about ourselves, and poor self-esteem will have a negative impact on your relationship. Having a lot of clutter in the bedroom is a distraction. Clutter can also tie your mind to the past or act as a shield, preventing you from deepening your relationship.

6. Photograph rules
Have a happy photograph of you and your partner in the bedroom. It’s a reminder of good times. Don’t be tempted to have lots of pictures of family in the bedroom. You are trying to create a space for romance, so you don’t want to be thinking of family here.

7. Equality and balance
Promote equality. Have the same bedside tables and lamps. Make it easy for both of you to get in and out of bed, with a similar space on each side. Also, be mindful to create a bedroom space that balances feminine and masculine décor.

8. Be strict on boundaries
Establish boundaries; don’t allow clutter, pets or children’s toys into the bedroom.

9. Digital detox
Lose the laptop, television, computer games and mobile phones, or anything else that acts as a distraction. will not only do wonders for your sleep, it will do wonders for your relationship as well. Digital devices are a distraction and interfere with intimacy.

10. Out of sight, is not out of mind
Don’t store things under your bed. According to Feng Shui, (the Chinese art of harmonising the environment around you), clutter under the bed doesn’t support a good energy flow in the bedroom.

11. Ban work from the bedroom
Definitely don’t have a home office in your bedroom, or use it as a space to store work things.

12. Ventilate your bedroom
If you have an argument, open windows to clear the air.

13. Think about furniture placement
If you have an en suite bathroom, don’t position your bed to look directly into the bathroom. In Feng Shui, views of bathrooms are an energy drain.

14. Be wary of perfectionism
While it’s lovely to have a well-organised bedroom that is free from clutter, having a room that is too perfect can be sign of an overwhelming desire for control. If your perfectionism is being forced onto someone else, your relationship could suffer. If this resonates with you, then it could be time you addressed your deeper issues around control.

15. Essential oils
Certain essential oils are known for their aphrodisiac qualities. Try geranium, jasmine, rose, sandalwood or ylang ylang.

16. Mood lighting
Low lighting in the bedroom can help to create a romantic atmosphere. Fairy lights and flickering candlelight can also add to the charm.

Now you’ve set the scene, here are .

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