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Coblonal Arquitectura B&B: Keep Calm and Relax
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Spain is more than Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia: there’s also the beautiful Catalonia countryside where Coblonal Arquitectura studio designed Can Casi b&b.

This place is a tiny luxury palace, hosting only four suites characterized by four different themes as well as four names: keep calm, enjoy, smile and love.

The B&B is hosted in a 1704 building featuring as many different decorations as its suites. Each room features different colors with baroque details, wood decoupage furniture and theme-related particulars on the bedcover, as well as the shower and the bathroom mirror where the name of the room recurs. Each area features a perfect illumination ensured by the windows overlooking the garden, moreover they offer anything you need to feel joyful and relaxed.

The common areas’ decoration reminds of traditional farmsteads, with stone walls and a domestic feels that perfectly matches the luxury touch of the garden pool.

An unforgettable scenery that won’t make you miss Barcelona’s movida.



PHOTO: Courtesy of Coblonal Arquitectura

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